Health Check

In today’s world, there is so much data available for your business that trying to wrap you head around the big picture can be a bit like drinking from a fire hose.   

Our Health Check helps solve that problem. We design a unique report package for your restaurants that allows you to see the big picture. This service prevents the loss of your time, sifting through reports and data wondering if it’s accurate.

The Health Check includes the following:

  1. Best practices for your accounting team.  (Can you be more efficient in using Restaurant365?)
  2. Financial Statement Review. (How do the numbers look?  Did you budget properly?)
  3. Bank Reconciliation Review. (How did your Bank Reconciliation go? Were there any hiccups you need help with?) 
  4. Report Package Prep and Delivery.  (Key reports that highlight the efforts of your team and restaurant.)

We’ve found this service to be most helpful for clients that are looking to save time and collaborate with our team to gain invaluable insight that can only be gained from years of restaurant accounting experience.

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