Full Service Accounting

Full Service Accounting, grants you that single most valuable asset.  Time.  We focus on the day to day accounting tasks, allowing you to run your day and actively participate in the operations of your Restaurant. We get R365 to run at full speed 

Full Service Accounting includes the following:

  1. Financial Statement Review. (Weekly P&L’s are vital and a key portion of our report package.)
  2. Monthly Bank Reconciliation.
  3. Report Package Prep and Delivery.  (Key reports that highlight the efforts of your team and restaurant.)
  4. Budget Review and Preparation.
  5. AP Functions. (AP Entry, Checks.)
  6. Payroll Entry.
  7. DSS Review and Validation with your POS.
  8. Operational Reporting Assistance. (Week in Review, DSR, Flash Report.)
  9. Month-End Close and adjusting Journal Entries.

 Being experts in Restaurant365, this is where our team shines. We can handle the day to day accounting, allowing you to focus on the operations of the restaurants from a high level.  We’ve entered the data for the entire period and are ready to summarize the key information in easy to read reports.  It would be our pleasure to build a your unique report package to highlight the information you are looking for period to period.

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