Bank Reconciliation

Bank Reconciliations are vital to your business, as they allow you to verify that all of your bank transactions have been accounted for.  This becomes invaluable as you strive to prevent fraud, and look for reassurance that the books are being accurately handled.

  The Bank Reconciliation allows us to put on our detective hats and look into your business. 

The Bank Reconciliation includes the following:

  1. Best practices for your accounting team.  (Can you be more efficient in using R365?)
  2. Checks/withdrawal review. (Any outstanding checks that need to be addressed?)
  3. Deposit Review. (Any outstanding Deposits? Any extra deposits in the Undeposited Funds?)
  4. Health Check. ( How do your financial Statements look?)

We’ve found this service to be most helpful for clients that are looking to have a little extra help with the month end accounting close, and would like to take the extra step to help prevent fraud.

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